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Turning sporting moments into lifetime memories

The youth of today are the sporting heroes of tomorrow. At MyTeamPhoto we are proud to help junior players and their coaches gain the recognition they deserve.

We are the first company in the UK to provide a professional photography service dedicated to amateur sporting organisations. We offer fundraising solutions for clubs, camps, schools and tournaments. Our service is available nationwide and is completely free of charge.

Our 5 points of
service satisfaction

Our 5 points of service satisfaction
  • Value for money - lower price for families
  • More back to your organisation - cash & goodies
  • Recognition of the volunteers & sponsors essential to your organisation
  • Excellence in customer service
  • A closer relationship between photographer and club - tell us what your organisation would like and we will do our very best to deliver - for free

We're the nation's leading
sports club photographer

We're the nation's leading sports club photographer

At MyTeamPhoto we work to create the industry standard and strive for Excellence. Because we’re a company founded by an experienced full time coach we have learned to anticipate issues and proactively worked to resolve them.

After years of redefining what amateur sports clubs can expect from a photography service provider, we have developed our 5 points of service satisfaction:


I am very pleased to recommend MyTeamPhoto. Their professionalism and the quality of their photographs are exceptional. They captured our boys and girls having fun, enjoying their football ...

Chris Beard

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I would recommend Martyn Warwick to anyone serious about receiving quality photography. Martyn was our vendor for our club photos every year and the quality and professionalism was first class. I would not hesitate in having Martyn back with us if he ever returned to California.

Ben Forey

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Thankyou so much, they are fab, have put them on our karate website and hopefully drum up some more money for our charity xx

Jennifer Hughes

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I dabble in photography with a half decent camera and I have to admit it’s a cracking shot. Split second either way and it wouldn’t have been half as good. I never get good shots ...

Mark Siddle

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